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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who Is your Customer?

You have your product or service, but who's your buyer? Customer base is an important requirement when identifying where your profits will come from. There are many characteristics of a customer base, but by narrowing in on your customer you have a better chance of selling your product or service than your competition.

There are several common factors that are used by the professionals to find your target market; they are customer attributes, geographic zones and product factors. Examples of the customer attributes are age, sex, lifestyle, annual income. Geographic zones divide the market into several regions as international, national, regional and community zones. Product factors revolves around usage, brand loyalty, pricing and benefit to the customer.

All these factors go into identifying your customer. The more specific you get the more specific your marketing strategy and message should be. So don't forget to do your homework when it comes to your customer. Armed with this data you will be able to uncover specific information about your customer and stand a better chance of selling your idea. - CT

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