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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday Sale Marketing

The holidays are a great time to raise your company’s visibility and enhance your image. Here are just a few ideas for this holiday season:

Hold a charitable holiday party. Instead of having the same old party during the holidays, make it a special event by linking with a local charitable organization. This will establish a good corporate citizen image and raise your visibility in the community.

Donate a portion of your proceeds. The holiday season is a great time to let your customers know that you care. One way to do this is to donate a portion of sales from a particular type of product or service to a charity. Or better yet, let your customers choose from a list so they can donate to the charity of their choice.

Create a holiday promotion. Offer a unique promotion on a specific product or service. Promote a buy one and get the second item for 50% off for someone else on their list. Another well received promotion is offering free gift wrapping or free shipping during the holidays.

Preferred customer rewards. Reward your top customers with special discounts or perks on certain products. Offer double rewards points for spending more.

Try one or more of these ideas and you’ll foster good will and more than likely increase your sales this holiday season. - CT

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