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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Dream Job

Small business ownership is the dream job most of us long for. After all we can be our own boss, make all the decisions without someone breathing down our neck, and we can work as much or as little as we want. Well the reality is when you're your own boss you may find yourself working 24/7 to do whatever it takes to keep your business going and pay the bills. So remind yourself of these simple tips the next time you find yourself in the middle of the night burning the midnight oil...
  1. Self-Motivation – It's all up to you, so get it done

  2. Prepare – Think ahead, prepare, prepare and prepare some more

  3. Discipline – Stick to the schedule and finish your project no matter what

  4. Vision – Remember your long-term goals and stick to your plan to reach the next level

  5. Determination – Refer back to #1

Remind yourself that this is a journey and it's not without its speed bumps, curves, and detours. Enjoy the ride...you have what it takes to make this dream job successful! - CT


jeweledrabbit/Maureen said...

A short post, but still very inspiring. Thank you. :o)

Garden Gate Designs said...

Thanks for that bit of inspiration. I sure needed that today. Thanks for sharing.

Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs

KayzKreationz said...

This is so true. Especially the working 24/7 to make it successful. We just need to remember what it is we want to accomplish. These points are good reminders/tips.

CT said...

Thank you ladies! I needed a little inspiration today and must keep reading #1! :)

1337 Art said...

Thank you for posting this. I find that I have been burning the midnight oil quite frequently lately.

Gena said...

This is so true. I have a full time job in addition to my business and I definitely dream of only working with my jewelry business. The thing is, even though I don't always physically work at my business, I am really mentally working on my business 24/7. As a matter of fact, I thought up a new design while I was trying to sleep today after working all night. Isn't that something.


Jenn said...

You forgot to add the part about the second job and taking care of the family. *LOL*! You always keep us grounded. Thank you!

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