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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun In The Sun

Most of us love the summer with its wonderful fresh air and sunshine. But excess sun exposure can cause sunburn and skin damage. With the right precaution you can enjoy the sun safely. Choose a sunscreen that's right for you. Read the label and purchase sunscreen that is Paraben-free. Parabens have been linked to breast cancer. Apply it generously and apply it at least a half hour before you go out. If you plan to go swimming choose a waterproof sunscreen and reapply according to the instructions on the package.

Don't miss a spot and make sure you put it on your entire face, nose, ear tips, back of the neck, knees and arms. Don't forget your feet and toes. And for those hard to reach places like your back and shoulders have a friend help. Cover up with a hat and wear sunglasses that block UV light. Long term exposure to UV light can lead to cataracts, so keep those pretty eyes protected. If your not sure whether your sunglasses are adequately blocking UV have them checked by an optometrist.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Water is the best choice although if you are exercising, a sports drink can help to replace electrolytes. Remember that it's best to take frequent moderate portions of your drink as to much too quickly can harm you. If you are going to do some heavy physical activity try to do it in the morning or evening not during the midday heat between 10am and 4pm. Remember to minimize exposure, keep yourself cool in the shade with a cool drink and enjoy! - CT

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Pixie Rose said...

Thank you so much for a reminder and tips on how to stay safe in the summer. I need to have my sunglasses checked. Have a wonderful day TC!

---Pixie & lil Charlie

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