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Friday, January 15, 2010

February Giveaway

Keep words of inspiration close to your heart at all times with our collection of inspirational jewelry! Do you have a phrase or saying that is special to you? Let me know what it is and a few words below as to why it is special to you. If selected, it will be used for our New February "Design It Your Way" Jewelry Design and it will be showcased on our blog. (hint: try to keep it no more that 25 letters including spaces so it fits on a round quarter size sterling silver pendant)

Plus the best part is if your phrase or saying is selected you'll receive the pendant for Free when you order a sterling silver chain of your choice! Hurry, you only have until Friday, January 22 to let us know what your special message is. Enter as many times as you like. Good Luck! - CT


nicole said...

Be the Change

I like this because it's a reminder that you can make a difference

nicolemarielum @gmail.com

nicole said...

embrace love

nicolemarielum @gmail.com

CT said...

Great inspirational sayings Nicole! Thanks for sharing. Good Luck! - CT

navywife8511 said...

I know its a little late to enter...but I have some great ideas!

I'm a military wife and I would love to see some inspirational necklaces relating to a military wife/spouse.

Like proud wife with the awareness ribbon, or the word pride and then a stamped piece with his name and the ribbon.
Maybe one of the stamped pieces with "military wife" (or for me it would be "navy wife") and then a yellow bead and something else.

Anything relating to military or deployment would be great :)

I love your stuff!

CT said...

It's never too late NavyWife! We discussed your ideas today at our weekly meeting and we just love it! All of the services have military spouses and other family members each with a unique story of their challenges tied to their military service. They all have one thing in common...trememdous pride and support for their soldier, sailor, airman, marine or coast guardsman. We would love to be involved in offering a signature design to show pride in what they do everyday. Stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks and thank you for your feedback and wonderful inspiration! - CT

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