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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Fuels Your Passion For Success?

After over 25 years as a director in healthcare management, a wife for 27 years to the most wonderful and supportive man, a mother of a fabulous teenage son and a dream of owning our own business, there’s this other side of me, the passionate side that always inspired me to do more…be more.

For many years I wondered what pushed me into trying new ideas and finding creative ways to help me attain my goals in my personal and professional life. I finally figured it out one day when I was having a discussion (disagreement) with an ex-boss (who will remain nameless). He said to me, “You’re just too passionate! Let it go…it just can’t be done.” I’m too passionate? Let it go? It can’t be done? How could I not be passionate when it was so important to the patients, the staff, and to the organization?!? Well needless to say I lost that round, but I learned something very important about myself that day, I am a very passionate person and it has been fueled by people who use the excuse that “It can’t be done!”.

Sure it can be done…there’s always an opportunity to be passionate in everything we do to be successful. Passion is a strange thing; it's a deep, powerful, almost overwhelming emotion that overcomes you. You can’t hide it or even dismiss it. But you can harness it to use it to your advantage in starting or running your own business. Passion is a tool that provides you with a competitive advantage. No, it won’t pay the bills right away, but it gives you the energy that is crucial to move forward in any venture. It will help you create new ideas and view failures as opportunities for success. Passion is what all successful businesses are made of.

So ask yourself…how passionate are you about your product or your services? Have you done your homework and researched the pros and the cons? Can you take the disappointments along the way and turn them into opportunities? When it comes to your business are you willing give it your all? Can it be done…or can you “Let it go?” I know I can't. - CT

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